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Step 01

Click on one of the blue “Get a Free Estimate” tabs or go to our contact page and fill out the free estimate form.

Step 02

You will be contacted from our office about your project and your contact information will be confirmed. You will be assigned to one of our exterior remodeling experts who will set an appointment with you at your convenience to review and discuss your project on site.

Step 03

A comprehensive proposal will be given to you, detailing the scope of work for your project. All materials to be used will be described in detail and a description of the work will be included to you in writing. No verbal agreements will be made. This will insure the proper work will be done.

Step 04

Once you have approved the proposal, a contract will be written to include all details of the project, including price and payment terms. Your signature will be your acceptance of the proposal as written.

Step 05

Your signed contract will be turned in to the office along with additional paperwork necessary to complete the project. A file will be made for your project and you will be notified that your job is ready to process. If allowed by the HOA, a job sign will be placed in your yard for the duration of the project.

Step 06

Your project file will be given to our production manager and they will assign your project to a factory trained crew who will complete your project. You will receive notification of the supervisor for that crew with their contact information and a projected start date. Our crews are assigned one job at a time, so they will remain on your project until it is complete. If multiple crews are assigned to your project, such as a siding crew and a window crew, you will be given contact information and start dates for both.

Step 07

The crew will arrive on the job site with the materials or with materials previously delivered to the site. All work will be done in accordance to contract, manufacturer specifications and in a professional manner. Jobsite to be cleaned daily. Any questions during this time can be directed to your crew supervisor or to our project manager.

Step 08

Upon completion of project, you will be given a Job Completion Form where you will be asked to answer a few questions about the project, give us a grade between 1-10, and make any comments about the project, our crews or Houston Siding. Final payment will be made at this time and your project will be considered complete.

Step 09

Your paperwork and final payment will be processed by our office and you will receive a final, paid in full, invoice and any warranty information necessary.

Step 10

Talk about us. You may receive a phone call or email from a third-party company to request an assessment of us and our work. Please take the time to give this information as it is the best way for us to know how we are doing. Houston Siding Company consistently scores the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the area. Your input will help us maintain our reputation as the best in the business. Houston Siding will also pay you for your referrals to friends and family! Any referral that turns into a completed job will earn you $200.00. It is just our way of saying Thank You for your trust in us.




  • Remove existing siding and house wrap.

  • Inspect existing framing members and insulation. Replace any damaged, rotten or missing framing and replace any missing or damaged insulation. (Additional costs may occur for this)

  • Install moisture barrier on all walls. Install Tamlyn tape around all windows to seal off these areas.

  • Install Hardie siding and trim. Install z-bend flashing over exposed windows and doors.

  • Install Hardie soffit and fascia if part of contract. Replace drip edge flashing if necessary.

  • Caulk and prepare all new siding, trim, soffit and fascia for painting. Prepare any existing areas for painting if part of contract.

  • Paint all areas with 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Resilience paint.

  • Remove all trash and debris pertaining to above project. Sweep lawn with magnetic nail sweep.

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  • Remove any existing blinds, curtains, or window treatments necessary for window installation.​

  • Remove existing windows including glass and frames.​

  • Inspect the opening and prepare it for the new window. This may include adding additional framing or a cut back return if necessary.​

  • Install window in opening plumb, level and square with approved fasteners according to manufacturers specifications.​

  • Caulk around interior and exterior of window frame.​

  • Ensure proper operation of window sashes.​

  • Reinstall all blinds, curtains or window treatments. Window alarms will be the responsibility of the homeowner to reinstall.​

  • Clean-up jobsite and remove all trash and debris.



  • Remove existing shingles and tar paper.

  • Inspect roof decking for damage. Replace up to one sheet of roof decking. Additional decking replacement will incur additional charges.

  • Install new 30 lb. felt paper

  • Install any ice and water shield in valleys as necessary

  • Install new drip edge metal as necessary

  • Install new shingles per manufacturers specifications.

  • Replace any vent boot jacks as necessary

  • Install new ridge vent, turbine vents or power vents as needed.

  • Clean-up jobsite, remove all debris and trash. Use magnetic nail sweep over lawn areas.

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